Sulfate of Potash

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Product Overview

Sulfate of Potash is an organic source of naturally occurring potassium rock that also contains Sulfur.  This granular form of Potassium Sulfate   provides 50% Potassium and 17% Sulfur.  Potassium helps to produce strong sturdy plants, aids in the movement of sugars from leaves to developing fruits and helps increase a plants resistance to environmental stresses.  Potassium also helps increase crop composition and overall quality of plant structure, fruits and abundance of blooms.  Applications of potash can aid in water uptake and help plants manage stress from environmental conditions. 

Potash will increase the pH in soil and should not be used on acid loving plants such as hydrangea, azalea or rhododendron.

Soil tests are always recommended to help determine nutrient deficiencies.

This is a granular from of Potassium that is best used as a soil amendment

Application Rate:
½ lb - 1 lb per 100 sq. ft.

• Potassium helps to improve soil structure and stimulate microbial populations
• Potassium Sulfate can help to lower soil acidity (much like a liming agent), and is highly beneficial for most fruiting and flowering perennials
• Organic Potassium fertilizers help to improve plant immunity to weather changes such as drought tolerance, diseases and pest pressures
• Potassium Sulfate (SOP) is a naturally mined organic source of potassium
• Potassium Sulfate (SOP) is not recommended in alkaline soils with a soil pH of 7 and above, or for plants that prefer acidic soil such as blueberries, azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, conifers and others


Soluble Potash (K2O)............ 50%
Sulfur (S)................................. 17%
17% Combined Sulfur Derived From: Potassium Sulfate

Chlorine (Cl) (Max)................. 0.8%

Potassium Sulfate (0-0-50), is an organic source of naturally occurring potassium rock that also contains 17% Sulfur.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review