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Product Overview

Surround® WP is a broad-spectrum agricultural crop protectorate made from specially modified Kaolin clay. When applied to plant surfaces, fruits or vegetables, the clay forms a protective barrier helping to minimize damage from insect and disease. This white clay barrier not only repels pests, it causes irritation, confusion, and is an obstacle for feeding and egg laying insects. Kaolin clay is highly recommended for use on apple, pear, grapes, citrus, nut trees, cucumber and tomato plants. In addition, Surround helps to prevent fungal spores from establishing themselves on plant foliage and propagating.

Surround also provides protection against sunburn and heat stress without blocking sunlight.This Kaolin clay powder provides enough crop protection to cool plants by 10° - 15°F which helps reduce stress during periods of excessive heat. The cooling effect of a clay application to fruit trees can help to extend cool weather for better orchard crops the following year.

Surround WP Kaolin Clay is OMRI listed and registered for use in organic agricultural.

Surround WP Kaolin Clay helps to mitigate the effects of insect pests and pathogens such as; Apple Maggot (Rhagoletis pomonella), Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella), Colorado Potato Beetle, Cucumber Beetle, Fig Beetle (May/June Beetle) Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica Newman), Leafhopper (Circulifer tenellus), Lesser Apple Worm, Olive Fruit Fly (Bactrocera oleae), Oriental Fruit Moth (Grapholitha molesta), Powdery Mildew, Pear Psyllid, Plum Curculio, Rose Chafer (Macrodactylus subspinosus), Stink Bugs, Thrips (Franklinothrips sp), Cutworms, Midges, Slugs, Eastern tent caterpillar, sawflies, Gypsy moths, Apple maggot, Plum curculio, Japanese beetles, June beetles, Rose Chafer, Green fruitworm, Leafrollers, Periodical cicadas, Stink bugs, Thrips, Oriental fruit moths and Many More...

For vegetable and field crops Surround WP Kaolin Clay helps to repel insect such as flea beetles, Japanese beetles, lace bugs, leafhoppers, thrips and more.

Strategic applications of Kaolin Clay can be highly beneficial to a variety of orchard crops.  You can read more about using Surround for fruit orchards here... Kaolin Clay Strategy for Orchards by Michael Phillips

Application Method:

Surround WP is mixed with water and applied using a hand-held or backpack style sprayer. This product is inert and will not interfere with most other products when mixed in your sprayers tank. If used during bloom it is best to apply at a time when pollinators are not actively foraging.

Surround Kaolin Clay Application Rate:

For Insect Pests & Disease: ¼ to ½ lb. of Surround WP powder per one gallon of water (½ pound is approximately 3 cups)

For Sunburn & Heat Stress: A concentrated rate of up to 1 lb. per gallon of water is allowed for post-harvest sunburn and heat stress use.

Application Notes:

• For maximum results, applications should be made at 5 - 7 day intervals.
• Shake the sprayer occasionally during application.
• For fresh market crops that will not be washed or for field packed crops where a residual white film is not desired, make applications early-season only.

Active Ingredients:


• Surround Kaolin Clay protects crops from sunburn and heat stress damage
• Surround promotes plant health, which leads to more efficient photosynthesis and higher yields under extreme conditions
• Surround reduces insect activity, delaying or even eliminating the need to apply conventional insecticides later
• Surround is OMRI Listed and a valuable tool for both organic and traditional growers


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    Surround WP Crop Protection

    Posted by Paul Langlois on 23rd Mar 2024

    Garden Tea Team did a great job packaging as well as shipping in the time frame stated for the product. Will use this company again.

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    Perfect For My Needs

    Posted by karen on 2nd Aug 2023

    Thank goodness This company sells Surround WP in smaller amounts. I surely did not need an 80 pound bag. Garden Tea Co. quickly filled my order and shipped fast. Emails notifying my order progress were very beneficial. I highly recommend Garden Tea Co. and Surround WP.