About Us

Garden Tea Co. is a family owned, farm based retailer of quality compost tea ingredients, organic fertilizers and soil amendments.  We began our farm and homesteading journey in 2007 when we purchased a small home on 1.25 acres of land just outside Asheville, NC.  On this small holding we began to cultivate our south facing slope of clay soils into a diverse array of edible landscaping.  It was here, toiling in the earth, making compost, and enjoying the fruits of our labor where we honed our skills as hobby farmers and our passion for growing high quality, nutrient dense foods.  Throughout this period we began experimenting heavily with making great compost, herbal extracts and home-brewed teas for our gardens. 

In 2010 we purchased two large vermicomposting / earthworm breeding beds that enabled us to produce our own worm compost and worm castings.  Throughout 2010 we continued to improve our composting process, produced some exquisite worm compost and found ourselves down the worm-hole of brewing compost tea.  It was here that the concept was born and in June of 2011 Garden Tea Company became reality.  Garden Tea Co. was birthed with our passion for growing high quality, nutrient dense foods and a belief that healthy, nourishing, homegrown foods begin with healthy living soil.  Staying true to that mission Garden Tea Co. offers an array of natural and organic products in support of holistic regenerative and organic agriculture.  These are products that we support and use on our small family farm.

Since 2011 we continued to grow Garden Tea Co. into a brand name, have expanded our product line and launched our proprietary line of plant stimulants we call Tea For Plants.  Since that time we have also continued to expanded our hobby farm operation and branded it Black & Elder Farm. 

Our humble farmstead has now grown to 4 acres, consisting of rich bottom-land / floodplain where we have been establishing wet tolerant orchards as this site is prone to occasional flooding.  Our wet tolerant permaculture orchards include; Elderberry, Mulberry, Black Raspberry, Blackberry, Paw Paw, Persimmons, Hazelnut, Walnuts and a variety of native tree and shrub species. 

At our hillside homestead, our chickens forage among permaculture gardens and throughout our orchard of cherries, peaches, plums, pears, quince, and over 20 unique varieties of old southern apples.  In addition, we care for an ever expanding number of honeybee colonies which provide pollination for our neighborhood while producing honey, beeswax, propolis and pollen.