Late Autumn and Early Winter is the Time for Lime

Posted by Joseph Salvatore on 9th Dec 2018

An annual application of lime to turf / pasture grasses, orchards, vineyards, garden beds and agricultural soil is extremely beneficial to help maintain optimal soil pH.  The acidity or alka … read more

Putting Your Garden Beds to Sleep for the Winter

Posted by Joseph Salvatore on 15th Nov 2018

  Mulching winter garden beds with some form of organic matter will help to protect your soils, prevent emerging weed growth and help feed the soil biology necessary for good healthy organic p … read more

Building an Autumn Compost Pile

Posted by Joseph Salvatore on 14th Nov 2018

“Take care of the waste on the farm and turn it into useful channels’ should be the slogan of every farmer.”        ~ George Washington Carver  In the micro … read more