Phosphorus Sources

Organic PHOSPHORUS (P) is an essential plant nutrient for root growth, bud and flower development and productivity of fruit and seed crops.  Most fruiting and flowering plants require moderate to high levels of phosphorus for the proper development of seeds and fruits.  The purest form of organic phosphorus is sourced from Rock Phosphates with available phosphorus levels between 3% - 7% and Bone Meal (2-14-0)

 Sources of Organic Phosphorus (P):

Vegan: Rock Phosphates, Alfalfa Meal (3-2-2), Sunflower Hull Ash (0-6-36),

Animal and Marine Based: Bone Meal (2-14-0), Fish Bone Meal (5-16-0), Liquid Fish Fertilizer, Fish Meal and Crab Meal or our soluble Crab Powder (3-3-0)

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