Essential Elements Mycorrhizal Inoculate

Garden Tea Company

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Product Overview

Tea For Plants - Essential Elements is a mycorrhizal inoculant with additional trace minerals, humic and fulvic acid; packaged in easy to use tea bags.  Essential Elements provides a diverse selection of Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae spores to help colonize root systems with beneficial fungi species.  Essential Elements Tea Bags can be used as a soil drench, as a root dip when transplanting or in compost tea. 
Contains 12 ready to use tea bags
  •  Add 1 tea bag into 1 gallon of chlorine-free water
  •  Steep for 5 - 10 minutes or until contents of the tea bag is dissolved
  •  Stir
  •  Apply tea to plant root zone
For compost tea:
  • Add 1 - 2 Essential Elements Tea Bags per 5-gallons of compost tea
  • add at the end of your brewing time just before application

Empty tea bags can be composted


(No reviews yet) Write a Review