Floating Row Cover - Fabric Protection

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Product Overview

Prolong your growing season, and provide plant protection from pest pressures.

This .55 oz Floating Row Cover will allow 95% light transmission and a 2-4 degree frost protection.

Plants that need pollination will need to be uncovered when the flowers are set and ready for the pollinators to do their job.

Create a greenhouse effect over your plant row to help assist with seed germination, establishing spring transplants.

Best when used with hoop supports.

Because of shipping issues I don't offer the hoop supports. These can be purchased locally from your hardware store and cut to length. Make sure you cut your hoop long enough to insert up to 3 -4 inches into the ground on both side of the row. Once you have the fabric draped over the hoops any option you have to hold down the ends will do, sandbags, pots with soil, or wood ect. We also use wooden cloths pins to secure the fabric to the hoop underneath when needed ( This can help on the occasion if high winds are a problem ect. )


(No reviews yet) Write a Review