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Gypsum or calcium sulfate, is a type of limestone primarily comprised of calcium and sulfur.  This pelleted Gypsum is an excellent source of organic calcium containing 22% Calcium Oxide and 17% Sulfur.  As a soil amendment gypsum helps to improve the structure of heavy clay soils and will increase the availability of calcium in soils yet with no effect on soil pH.  Sulfur is especially important for quality factors in plants such as sugar content and flavors in food.

This sedimentary stone is found in abundance in many regions of the world.  Gypsum deposits are the calciferous remains of ancient sea life from sulfuric water conditions.   

Application Rates

  • 5-10 pounds per 100 ft2 of garden space
  • 1/2 cup per cubic foot of potting soil
  • Increases phosphorus availability
  • Corrects mineral balance in the soil
  • Long term improvement of specific element deficiencies
  • Improves the cation exchange capacity
  • Improves soil structure and drainage
  • Improves structure of clay soils
Mineral Content
    Calcium (Ca)............. 22.00%
    Sulfur (S)....................17.00%


(1 review) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Darren Ocampo on 6th May 2020

    Very high quality. Highly recommend this product.