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Product Overview

MycoMinerals™ is mycorrhizae inoculant containing a diverse selection of endo and ecto mycorrhizal spores and a broad spectrum of micro nutrients essential to plant health. Mycorrhizae fungi can help improve soil quality and the availability of nutrients resulting in healthier more disease and drought resistant abundant plants.

Application Rates

  • Garden areas: Scatter 1 lb. per 50 square feet on garden beds and work into the top 4-6 inches of soil
  • Potting Soil: Mix 1 cup (1/2 lb.) per cubic foot of potting mix
  • Existing Plants: Scatter and scratch material into top layer of soil around plants, or probe down into roots zones
  • Transplants: Sprinkle inoculant directly on roots or root balls at planting time, or scatter inoculant in planting holes.
    • Apply at least  1 tsp teaspoon (5 cc) to new trees or vines.
  • Seeds: Dust dry inoculant on seeds at planting
    • Seeds may need to be slightly dampened.

NOTE: For best results, use only with gradual release lower-analysis organic fertilizers.  Strong synthetic fertilizers can harm the mycorrhizal fungi. A fresh scattering of MycoMinerals™ Organic Soil Amendment every year with a mulch covering will maintain good soil health and fertility.


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Posted by Greg Goad on 15th Jul 2021

    Wonderful product . Highly recommend