Micro-Nutrients / Mineral Sources

Micronutrients, also referred to as vitamins and minerals are essential to human and plant health. The availability of trace minerals for plants aid in growth, environmental and disease resistance. Garden Tea Co. offers organic sources of trace elements from Azomite, Diatomaceous Earth, Epsom Salt, Kelp Meal, Soluble Kelp Powder, Lime, Green Sand, and Zinc Sulfate tools to help unlock nutrients such as Fulvic and Humid Acids

Law of the Minimum developed by the “father of fertilizer”, Justus von Liebig, acknowledged that plant growth is determined by the scarcest, “limiting” nutrient.  If a plant is deficient in one of the many required nutrients, the plant will not grow and produce at its best.  Conventional fertilizer programs focus on macro-nutrients like Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K).  However, if one of the many essential trace minerals are unavailable in the soil, plants may experience nutrient deficiencies thus affecting plant growth, immune function and crop yield.  In addition, when soil pH is out of balance, either too high (alkaline) or more commonly too low (acidic), essential nutrients can become tied-up within the soil and will remain unavailable to plants until pH conditions improve.

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